The Hotel Les Mouettes opened its doors in 1961, but it was in 1989 that we had the chance to purchase it. Yes already 32 beautiful years at your side to build valuable links with you, distinguished guests!

Through the years, many of you have become friends, loyal customers, people that the team can not wait to see again!

When we began this beautiful adventure in 1989, we were far from imagining all that it would bring us. We have the chance meet lovely people daily, to make discover our beautiful area to tourists who come here, to participate in the economic development of the region, to make sure that customer’s stays will be memorable years after years, to think to make each of our actions of the most attentive always with the aim of making you enjoy the maximum of comfort.

Our priorities have always been and will forever be to care for you as if you were family. We care about your well-being and your comfort. We put all our heart and throughout these years, you have made us well. It will be our mission for years to come.

Because for us it is more than just hosting … you are not customers, you are visitors!

Here, you are at home!
Thank you for these beautiful years!

Élizabeth et Nick